Body Cream

Ultra nourishing, the Diana Vreeland Body Cream is a luxurious and sensorial experience crafted around the essence of rose water. It moisturizes and prepares the skin for fragrance application. Once the skin is perfectly moisturized, the fragrance applied over it diffuses longer into the day or night. The body cream is subtly scented to be worn alone or as a complement to the Diana Vreeland fragrances.  

Diana Vreeland Body Cream, a modern version of the 8-hour cream, created in partnership with famed cosmetics scientist and innovator Stephen Musumeci. It is an enriched Shea Butter based formulation specifically designed to moisturize and soften dry parched skin leaving the skin with a beautiful radiant glow.

It was formulated to enhance Diana Vreeland fragrances by incorporating the extracts of Jasmine and Tuberose which improve body chemistry to complement the fragrances. Used alone or with your favorite Diana Vreeland fragrance, the body cream’s natural moisturizing complex will keep your skin moisturized and soft to the touch throughout day.  Formula free of controversial ingredients (parabens, silicon, etc.) enriched with natural ingredients found in fine perfumery. No ingredients tested on animals and/or of animal origin.

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