Devastatingly Chic

Devastatingly Chic

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Devastatingly Chic is inspired by Mrs. Vreeland’s love of fashion and her impeccable style. Mrs. Vreeland would shine the soles of her shoes, have three fittings for a single nightgown and often advised her assistants at Vogue to always have a pedicure, saying, “Even if it is the absolute DEAD of winter and you are wearing boots- you will walk differently.”

A twist on a classic, the unexpected composition of carnation and pink pepper creates a modern sophisticated fragrance. The bright top notes, mandarin and pink pepper, add sparkle. Spicy carnation combines with timeless rose blooming at the core of the scent. An addictive blend of woody notes and patchouli create a warm and intoxicating finish.



Top: Mandarin, Pink Pepper

Heart: Carnation, Rose

Base: Patchouli, Woods

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